MBR Membrane Bioreactor for Domestic Wastewater Sewage Treatment Systems

MBR membrane bioreactor: With membrane module to replace the traditional biological treatment technology at the end of the second pond, keep highly active sludge concentration in the bioreactor, improve the biological treatment of organic load, thus reducing sewage treatment facilities area, and...

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MBR membrane bioreactor:


With membrane module to replace the traditional biological treatment technology at the end of the second pond, keep highly active sludge concentration in the bioreactor, improve the biological treatment of organic load, thus reducing sewage treatment facilities area, and by keeping low sludge loading to reduce excess sludge.

The active sludge and macromolecular organics were mainly used in the interception tank of the membrane separation equipment.

The concentration of activated sludge (MLSS) in membrane bioreactor can be increased to 8000 ~ 10,000 mg/L, or even higher.

Sludge age (SRT) can be extended to more than 30 days.

Interception of membrane bioreactor due to its effective role, may retain generation cycle longer microbes, which can realize on the depth of water purification, denitrifying bacteria in the system can fully reproduce at the same time, the nitrification effect is obvious, the depth of possible biological nutrient removal.


Sewage treatment: China is a water shortage country, sewage treatment and recycling are effective measures to exploit water resources.

Wastewater recycling is the city sewage and industrial wastewater by membrane bioreactor, such as processing equipment, use it for greening, flushing, supplementary ornamental non-potable purposes, such as water and clean water for drinking purposes such as water quality requirements.

Urban sewage, industrial wastewater available nearby, the long distance water conveyance can be avoided, and the implementation process to realize make full use of water resources, to the nearest wastewater treated with nearby at the same time, also can prevent the sewage in the process of long distance transportation cause water leakage, lead to the underground water pollution.

Wastewater reuse has been widely used in many areas of the world lacking water, and is considered to be the most practical technology for sewage treatment in the 21st century.

Water quality comparison:

Water quality: BOD5 < 300mg/l;

CODcr < 500 mg/l;

SS < 300 mg/l;

T - N < 45 mg/l

Water quality: BOD5 < 10mg/l;

NH4 + -n < 10.0 mg/l;

CODcr < 30 mg/l;

Turbidity < 5 ntu;

Total number of total colon bacteria < 1000 / L;


General statement Membrane bioreactor is one of the common water treatment equipment, is an important part of the study of membrane bioreactor under the premise that guarantees the quality of the output water, the membrane flux should be as large as possible, so that reduce the use of membrane area, reduce the construction cost and operation cost of membrane bioreactor, these are determined by the membrane biological reactor parameters, let's learn about the content of the parameters of the membrane bioreactor.


The material of membrane bioreactor is divided into two kinds: organic film and inorganic film.

The membrane bioreactor used the organic membrane, the commonly used membrane material is polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.

The separation membrane bioreactors usually adopt ultrafiltration membrane components, and the interception molecular weight is generally 2 to 300 thousand.

The larger the molecular weight of the membrane bioreactor, the larger the initial membrane flux is, but the long-term operating membrane flux may not be larger.

Quality control

1. Checking raw material before producing.

2. Checking one by one before the assebling 

3. Checking one by one during the production

4. Have the random inspection before the delivery.

Parts of customers:


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1.Can this machine be customized according to our needs?Like our logo?

Of course, our machine can be customized according to your needs, your logo can also be used.

2.How can you guarantee that the machine won't break down because it will take a long time to transport?

Our machines are wrapped in thin film, and in order to ensure that the machine can be delivered to our customers smoothly, we will use wire to hold the machine in the container.

3.Can you tell me which payments you can accept?

Up to now, the payment of 30% of the deposit before shipment, 30% of the deposit is paid by wire transfer, payment by l/c.

4.About after-sales service, how can you solve the problem of your overseas customers in a timely manner?

The warranty period of our machines is usually 12 months. During this period, we will immediately arrange international express delivery, or dispatch engineers to solve the problem on site to ensure the problem is solved as soon as possible.

Water quality test

Rapid tester, PH meter/SS and COD determination of acidity, conductivity and turbidity, residual chlorine determination of total chlorine and multi-parameter water quality, determining BOD, spectrophotometric, determination of dissolved oxygen and water hardness, water ions such as customers need other tests.

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