Disc Tube RO (DTRO) Membrane

DTRO is a classification of DT, DT membrane technology which disk tubular membrane technology (Disc Tube Module), divided into DTRO (disk tubular reverse osmosis), DTNF (disk tubular nanofiltration), DTUF (disk tubular ultrafiltration) three categories, is a kind of patent type membrane components.

Product Details

Disc Tube RO (DTRO) Membrane.


DTRO is a classification of DT, DT membrane technology which disk tubular membrane technology (Disc Tube Module), divided into DTRO (disk tubular reverse osmosis), DTNF (disk tubular nanofiltration), DTUF (disk tubular ultrafiltration) three categories, is a kind of patent type membrane components. It has been successfully applied for nearly 30 years.

Product Features
Avoid physical blockages.

The DT component is designed with open flow channel, and the material flow is effective and wide, avoiding physical blockage.

●minimum degree of scaling and pollution.

Using convex point support guide plate, formed in the turbulent state in the process of filtration of material liquid, the largest extent, reduce the pollution of the membrane surface scaling, and the phenomenon of concentration polarization, allowing SDI value as high as 20 polluting water, still no risk of contamination.

●long film service life

DT membrane components effectively reduce the fouling of membrane, membrane fouling, cleaning cycle is long, at the same time of special structure of DT and hydraulics design makes membrane group is easy to clean, flux recovery after cleaning is very good, so as to extend the working life of the diaphragm.

The practical engineering shows that, even in the direct treatment of the seepage solution, the life of the DT film can last up to three years, which is impossible for the normal membrane processing system.

●components are easy to maintain.

DT membrane module using standardized design, component is easy to remove the maintenance, open the DT components can easily check to maintain any filter diaphragm and other parts, simple maintenance, when enough number of component parts, component allows short-ship some diaphragm and diversion plate and doesn't affect the use of the DT membrane module, all the maintenance work can be done at the scene.

●low replacement cost of filter diaphragm.

Any single component within the DT component is allowed to be replaced separately.

Filtering part by multiple filter diaphragm and diversion plate assembly and become, when filter diaphragm need to change to a single replacement, the diaphragm can still continue to use to filter good performance, the largest program to reduce the cost in the membrane.

●high concentration

DT components operating pressure has 75 bar, 75 bar to 200 bar at three levels optional, is one of the highest pressure rating for industrial application of membrane module, in some of the applications of high concentration ratio, the solid content can reach more than 30%, high concentration ratio

Technological introduction
The DTRO high pressure reverse osmosis membrane is the core component to realize the separation of fresh water and impurities. It is made of polymer materials, while aromatic polyamide has excellent chemical properties and is selected as the material of disc type diaphragm.

Wastewater in into the booster pump to obtain initial pressure and after the security filter in high-pressure pump pressure, circulating pump to provide a larger flow in order to satisfy the requirement DTRO membrane surface flow velocity, liquid flow channel in the disc type is/reverse "S" to the circulation, small molecule in the liquid particles and dissolved ions trapped in the thick water side, through the water filtrate was collected into clean.

DTRO membrane module structure is very different with the traditional rolling membrane, the component structure with the traditional film with different volume type, concentrate port: disk tubular membrane module has patent flow design form, with an open port.

Material liquid through the entrance into the pressure vessel, from the passage between the guide plate and shell flow to the other end of the component, at the other end of flange, material liquid through eight channels into the guide plate, the shortest distance to the liquid to be processing quickly through the filter membrane, and then 180 DHS reversal to another membrane surface, and from the center of the guide plate slot into a guide plate, thus formed on the membrane surface by the guide plate of circumference of a circle to the circle center, to the circumference of a circle, and then to the center of the circle route of double "S" shape, concentrate the outflow from the feed end flange.

The distance between the two guides of DTRO components is 3mm, and the surface of the guide plate is arranged in a certain way.

The special hydraulic design makes processing fluid under pressure through the membrane surface form turbulence, in case of convex point increase through rate and self-cleaning function, effectively avoid the phenomenon of membrane plugging and concentration polarization and successfully extend the service life of the diaphragm;

When cleaning, it is easy to wash the dirt on the diaphragm to ensure that the disc tube film group is suitable for bad water inlet conditions.Keywordstechnical feature

Low cost of investment and operation.

Under the premise of achieving high level of emission standard, compared with other processes, the technology process of disc tube reverse osmosis technology is short, the energy consumption is lowest, and the investment and operation cost is low.

In a process that can also meet new standards, DTRO's operating costs are much lower than other processing technologies.

High degree of automation, easy to operate.

The DTRO film system is centralized, and the whole system is equipped with perfect monitoring and control system. The PLC can automatically adjust according to the sensor parameters and send alarm signals in due time to protect the system.

Small footprint

The DTRO membrane system is a centralized layout, and the ancillary structures and facilities are also some small structures. The whole DTRO system is set in the container or mobile chassis, which occupies a small area.

Disc Tube RO (DTRO) Membrane description:

Country of origin: Jiangsu, China

Certification: ISO9001

Price: Negotiable

Material: Glass steel, carbon steel corrosion or sus304

Voltage: 220V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: Unionpay transfer

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

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