Best SBR Sequential Batch Activated Sludge Equipment

Best SBR Sequential Batch Activated Sludge Equipment: Its originally proposed in 1914 by the British scholar Ardern and Lockett, but given the aerator easy jam, low level of automatic control, operation management complex reasons, was soon replaced by continuous activated sludge process. Until...

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Best SBR Sequential Batch Activated Sludge Equipment:


SBR is a kind of activated sludge method, its reaction mechanism and the mechanism of removing pollutants are basically the same as the traditional activated sludge method, but the operation mode is very different.

It splits the process units in chronological order, and the whole process is intermittent for a single operation unit.

Typical SBR set aeration and precipitation in a pool, do not need to set two sinks and sludge backflow equipment.

environmental management technology:

In this system, the reaction tank in a certain time interval is full of water, running in batch processing way, after processing, the mixture of precipitation, with the help of a special cleaning fluid drainage equipment out, precipitation of biological sludge are left in the pool, used for mixed with sewage wastewater treatment again, so that, in turn, run repeatedly, constitutes the sequencing batch type process.

The typical SBR system consists of five phases: water inlet, reaction, precipitation, drainage and idle

The SBR process has the following main advantages:

1. It is very rare to deal with the structure. A SBR reactor set is aerated and precipitated, which saves the initial sink, sink and return sludge pump room.

Therefore, it is very economical to deal with the area of the structure and the connecting pipes and fluid conveying equipment between the structures, which can generally reduce the total investment of the project by 10% ~ 20%.

2. Due to its intermittent water inflow, the amount of time and amount of water can be adjusted, so the change of water quality is adaptable, and there is no need to set up the adjustment pool.

3. Small area, 30 % to 50% less than traditional activated sludge method, is one of the most important processes in the current sewage treatment process.

4. Nitrogen removal and phosphorus removal.

By adjusting the aeration time and the intermittent time, the wastewater is in the reaction tank, which is the condition of alternating aerobic, hypoxia and anaerobic conditions.

At the same time, the change of environmental conditions can effectively inhibit the growth of filamentous bacteria and reduce the influence of sludge expansion.

5. Running, the sewage treatment plant was finished flow generally lower than the design value, SBR can according to the needs of water quality, increase or decrease in the number of cell body operation, so that we can avoid unnecessary energy consumption, this is what other process does not have.

process principle:

Called the ICEAS Intermittent cyclic delay Aeration activated sludge process (Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration), its biggest feature is in the reactor inlet added a reaction zone, operation mode for continuous water (precipitation period, drainage period still straight into the water), Intermittent drainage, no obvious reaction and idle.

The effluent from the prereaction area enters the main reaction area at very low velocity, and the mud water separation in the main reaction area will not have obvious effect.

Because of the simple and easy management of ICEAS facilities, especially the cost of treating municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater more than the classic SBR system, it has received a lot of attention both at home and abroad.

More than 300 sewage treatment plants have been put into operation since the rise of Australia in the early 1980s.

The operation of ICEAS is shown in figure 1-2: the SBR reaction pool is divided into two parts along the length direction, the front is the prereaction area, and the rear is the main reaction area.

The prereaction area can regulate the effect of water flow, and the main reaction area is the main body of aeration and precipitation.

ICEAS is a continuous water inlet process, not only in the reaction stage, but also in the precipitation and decantation stage.

Sewage after entering pre-reaction area, through the partition wall at the bottom of the joint to advection flow into the main reaction pool, in the main reaction pool intermittent aeration and water precipitation decantation, become straight into the water, intermittent water of SBR reaction pool, the water distribution greatly simplified, the operation is more flexible.

The function of each operating unit in ICEAS process is:

A, aeration stage By intermittent oxygen aeration system to the reaction in the pool, at this time by the microbial action by biological oxidation, organic matter and ammonia nitrogen in wastewater by microbial nitrification and denitrification, to achieve the effect of nitrogen.

B. In the precipitation phase, the oxygen can be stopped in the reaction tank, the activated sludge will drop in static state and the mud water will be separated.

C. After the decanting stage is deposited to a certain depth in the sludge, the water decanter system starts to work, discharging the liquid in the reaction tank.

In the process of decantation water, due to the sludge settling at the bottom, concentration is larger, can according to need to start the sludge pump will be excess sludge discharge to the sludge pool, to keep the reactor must be activated sludge concentration.

After the decantation finishes, it enters the next new cycle, begins to aerate, and begins to complete the treatment of the sewage.

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