Tubular Microfiltration Membrane Diaphragm Separating Equipment for Phosphorus Waste Water Recycling System

Tubular microfiltration membrane Diaphragm separating equipment: Nitrogen in wastewater is found in four forms: organic nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and nitric acid. Organic nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen are the main sources of sewage, which are all derived from proteins in people's...

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Tubular microfiltration membrane Diaphragm separating equipment:


Nitrogen in wastewater is found in four forms: organic nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and nitric acid. Organic nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen are the main sources of sewage, which are all derived from proteins in people's food. The organic nitrogen in fresh sewage containing nitrogen accounts for 60% of total nitrogen and about 40% ammonia nitrogen. ammonia nitrogen.

Processing method

biological nitrogen removal

(1) biological nitrogen removal mechanism

Biological denitrification is the process of converting organic nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen into N2 and N20 gases under the action of microorganisms.

The two processes include nitrification and denitrification.

The nitrification reaction is the process of converting NH4+ into NO2- and NO3- in aerobic conditions.

The action is done by the two bacteria of nitrite and nitric acid bacteria.

These two kinds of bacteria belong to the autotrophic microorganism.

The reaction is as follows:

NH4 + + o2 = NO3-2 + 2 h + + H2O

Nitrifying bacteria are self-raising bacteria and have low growth rate and are sensitive to environmental changes.

Temperature, dissolved oxygen, sludge age, pH, organic load, etc.

Nitration of optimum temperature is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃.

Below 15 ℃, the reaction rate drops rapidly, 5 ℃ reaction almost completely stop.

Since nitrifying bacteria are autotrophic bacteria, if the value of BOD5 in water is too high, it will help the rapid proliferation of anaerobic bacteria, and the proportion of nitrifying bacteria in microorganisms decreases.

The growth generation cycle of nitrifying bacteria is longer, and in order to ensure the effect of nitrification, mud age should be more than twice the minimum age of nitrifying bacteria.

The nitrification reaction has a higher requirement for dissolved oxygen, and the dissolved oxygen content in the treatment system should be kept above 2mg/L.

In addition, in the process of nitrification, H+ is released and the pH value decreases.

Nitrifying bacteria are sensitive to the pH value, and in order to maintain an appropriate pH value of 7-8, adequate alkalinity should be maintained in the wastewater to adjust the pH value.

1g ammonia nitrogen (N meter) nitrification, need alkalinity (in CaCO3) 7.1 g.

The denitrification reaction refers to the process of reducing nitrate nitrogen (NO3-) and nitrite NO2- to nitrogen without oxygen.

The reaction is as follows:

Co2 6 no3 - ch3oh + 5 = 5 + 3 n2 + 7 h2o + oh - 6

Anti-nitrifying bacteria is heterotrophic and anaerobic, and when it exists, it will use O2 as the electron acceptor for aerobic respiration.

In the absence of oxygen and the presence of O3- or N02- e, N03- or N02- is the electron acceptor, with the organic carbon as the electron donor and nutrient source for the denitrification reaction.

In denitrifying bacteria metabolic activity at the same time, along with the growth of denitrifying bacteria, the bacteria synthesis process, the denitrification reaction, the biggest problem is the sewage can be used for denitrification in the amount of organic carbon and its biochemical level.

When the sewage is BOD5 / TKN>3 ~ 5, the carbon source is considered sufficient.

Different organic carbon will lead to different denitrification rates.

Carbon sources can be divided into three categories according to their sources:

In addition, carbon source and methanol are adopted, because methanol is decomposed into CO2 and H20, which does not produce other refractory intermediates, but its costs are higher.

The organic carbon contained in the original water;

Endogenous breathing carbon source - the native material and the organic matter stored in the bacteria.

Product description:

Certification: ISO9001,CE, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc

Price: Negotiable

Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: Unionpay transfer

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

Our service:

Ø Provide the technical design and solutions;

Ø Supply accessories at any time;

Ø Tele-technical consulting and services;

Ø Other special technical service according to client’s requirements.


We are a professional water treatment company specializing in the development, design, production, sales, engineering installation and maintenance of water treatment equipment and engineering.

The company was founded in 2007, now has a number of water treatment and electrical aspects of the experts and professionals, has ten years of professional experience in the feasibility of water treatment engineering, colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprises at home and abroad maintain close contact and technical cooperation.

Company is willing to own unique academic background, with strong technical force as the backing, to provide customers with advanced science and technology, the feasible design scheme, complete strict quality control, professional and meticulous installation and thoughtful and timely after-sales service, and for the customer design, manufacture various non-standard, special specifications of products, all-round to meet the different needs of customers for products from multiple perspectives.

All of our technological innovation targets only one goal - the best quality, even higher costs and lower productivity.

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1.Can this machine be customized according to our needs?Like our logo?

Of course, our machine can be customized according to your needs, your logo can also be used.

2.How can you guarantee that the machine won't break down because it will take a long time to transport?

Our machines are wrapped in thin film, and in order to ensure that the machine can be delivered to our customers smoothly, we will use wire to hold the machine in the container.

3.Can you tell me which payments you can accept?

Up to now, the payment of 30% of the deposit before shipment, 30% of the deposit is paid by wire transfer, payment by l/c.

4.About after-sales service, how can you solve the problem of your overseas customers in a timely manner?

The warranty period of our machines is usually 12 months. During this period, we will immediately arrange international express delivery, or dispatch engineers to solve the problem on site to ensure the problem is solved as soon as possible.

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