PP PVC FRP Inclined Tube Settlers for Precipitation and Sand Removal

Inclined tube precipitation equipment for residential wastewater treatment systems: Inclined tube also calls the hexagonal honeycomb inclined tube, inclined tube packing, honeycomb packing, polypropylene inclined tube, inclined tube packing is theoretically developed in the shallow pool...

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Inclined tube precipitation equipment for residential wastewater treatment systems:


Inclined tube also calls the hexagonal honeycomb inclined tube, inclined tube packing, honeycomb packing, polypropylene inclined tube, inclined tube packing is theoretically developed in the shallow pool sedimentation device, is widely used in water treatment sedimentation tank and precipitation in the device. It is the most widely used and mature water treatment equipment in water supply and drainage engineering. It has the advantages of wide scope, high efficiency and small occupation. Suitable inlet desanding general industrial and domestic water precipitation, sewage sedimentation, oil separation and enrichment of tailings processing, is applicable to new projects and is suitable for the existing the renovation of the old pool, good economic benefit can be obtained.

Summary of inclined tube:

The assemble form has inclined tube, straight pipe two kinds; The materials are polypropylene, ethylene-propylene, polyvinyl chloride, and fiberglass. The assembly method can be used for glue bonding and fusion (electric pyrofusion). The inclined tube filling pipe forming shape has hexagon tubular shape and wavy plate. Especially ethylene-propylene copolymerization wavy sheet welded by melt even the method of the inclined tube honeycomb in recent years, get the size of the user's consistent high praise all over the country, and the main advantages are: high tenacity, good assembly strength, deformation and brittle crack, long service life, anti-aging period in the original polypropylene packing on the basis of 3 to 5 years can be extended to the service life of 5 to 10 years, through the trend of development in recent years, around the waterworks choose inclined tube are moving in the development of ethylene-propylene copolymerization type packing.


1. Large wet week, small hydraulic radius.

2. The laminar flow state is good, and the particle settlement is not disturbed by turbulence.

3. The processing power of the inclined pipe is 3-5 times that of the horizontal sedimentation tank, and two or three times that of the clarifying tank and the pulse clarifying pool. The direct tube is mainly used for biological filter and high-load biofilter, tower filter and submerged biological filter (also known as contact oxidation pond) and microbial carrier of biological rotary table.

4. Using the inclined pipe sedimentation tank, its processing capacity is 3-5 times of the horizontal sedimentation tank, and the acceleration clarifying tank and the pulse clarifying pool are 2-3 times, thus reducing the floor area.

5. Small amount of sludge, reducing the post-processing workload of sludge dewatering, etc.; The sedimentation of the sludge is beneficial to the removal of the suspension.

technical parameters

Trade namename


Specifications (mm)

Slice thickness (mm)

Sheet size (mm)

Angle ℃

inclind tube


pipe chute












Biochemical treatment:

1. The treatment efficiency is higher than the activated sludge method, the general hydraulic load is 100-200 m 3 / m 2, and the organic load is 2000-5000 g/m 3.

So it shrinks the area.

2. The aeration intensity is lower than the activated sludge method, and no sludge backflow is needed, so it can reduce the power consumption and simplify management.

3. The minimum sludge, reduce the sludge dehydration and other post-processing workload.

3. The deposited sludge is good for the removal of the suspension.

The adaptability is strong, can adapt to the range of different water quality, has strong tolerance to the impact load of water quality and water quantity mutation, can maintain stable treatment effect

installation procedure:

1. Installation of mud pipe at the bottom of the sedimentation tank

Usually start from the bottom of the inclined tube sedimentation tank installation order, first to complete the installation of the mud at the bottom of the pipeline system, ensure the dredge pipe opening to comply with the design requirements, fixation, check after the installation is allowed to enter the next process.

2. Finish packing bracket mounting

According to the inclined tube sedimentation tank packing bracket installation construction drawing, first the packing stents installed, check all the welding joints strong, support strength enough to withstand the packing weight, and in the luminal surface anti-corrosion treatment;

3. Finish the inclined tube packing

According to the inclined tube packing hot connection method to pack each inclined tube packing iron as a single unit, a unit after ironing after 1 m2, neatly stacked very hot after finished the ground (has reserved a small amount of standby).

4. Assemble in the inclined tube packing pool

Assemble the pressing packing unit on the top of the packing bracket from left to right.

Keep unchanged 60 ° Angle (can be customized), each unit to appropriate clamp assembly sequence, assembly to the most the right side if the size is not appropriate, need according to the sizes with pieces inclined tube packing after ironing after assembling until all in place.

5. Upper fixation of inclined tube packing

0.92 due to the inclined tube packing weight for slightly less than water, inclined tube packing assembly in place within the pool need direction from left to right above the packing after pulled 10 mm round steel to reinforce upper (each unit packing requires two round steel through), pool wall in a settling basin for the reliable fixed on both ends of the round steel, after the installation of round steel is a good way to prevent the inclined tube filler used in the early possible loosening up from time to tome, round steel with epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion.

6. Operation and debugging of inclined pipe settling tank

(1) check whether the water inlet is uniform and not affect the sedimentation tank and affect the precipitation effect;

(2) adjust the water level of the weir and the water level to the right, and keep the water out evenly;

(3) through the above construction procedure, the installation of the slanting sedimentation tank has been completed.

Normal put into use after the need to be determined according to the concentration of suspended solids in the water mud cycle, pay attention to timely mud, to ensure that the inclined tube sedimentation tank always maintain a good running state and satisfactory effluent water quality.

Product description:

Certification: ISO9001,CE, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc

Price: Negotiable

Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: Unionpay transfer

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

MOQ: 1 set

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