Oil Water Separator 23301-54460 for Toyota

Automatic Oil Water Separator for Wastewater: The oil separator is mainly used in the equipment of kitchen waste water treatment. Kitchen grease trap, air - float automatic oil separator, hydraulic grease trap, automatic oil separator, oil separation, and other equipment. Oil separation device...

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Automatic Oil Water Separator for Wastewater:


Automatic oil grease trap

Automatic oil grease trap

Automatic oil grease trap

The oil separator is mainly used in the equipment of kitchen waste water treatment. Kitchen grease trap, air - float automatic oil separator, hydraulic grease trap, automatic oil separator, oil separation, and other equipment. Oil separation device of various technical parameters according to the national standard specifications for design of building water supply and drainage (GB50015-2003) the provisions of article 482 of oil separation in the design of the technical parameters and requirements, thus greatly improving the oil removal effect, oil of its internal structure more prominent the oil-water separation function. The grease trap is suitable for different users and different places of canteen. The installation mode of grease trap can be divided into ground type, suspension type and embedded type. Materials can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel and PE materials.

Basic overview of automatic oil separator:

The so-called grease trap is a special equipment which separates the impurities, oil and water from the oil and water.

The main classification:

According to the material can be divided into: stainless steel grease trap, carbon steel anticorrosion grease trap, carbon steel spray grease trap, glass steel grease trap.

According to the installation method can be divided into: the ground type grease trap, the underground grease trap, the hoisting type grease trap.

The water inlet method can be divided into: open groove type grease trap, pipe oil separator.

Can be divided into: ordinary grease trap, automatic grease trap.

According to the oil discharge way can be divided into: oil separator, hydraulic grease trap

The main principle:

With the influence of gravity, the oil wastewater is separated by natural floating method to remove the oil from the wastewater and partially disperse oil.

Its interior is divided into three separate files, to improve the function of oil-water separation, application guide separation principle and turbulent change laminar dialectical relationship, to make waste water flows through the process of oil-water separator, the velocity is reduced, by increasing the water cross section so as to reduce the velocity (0.005 m/s or less), increase the hydraulic retention time of wastewater, and the whole water section to flow at a constant speed.

The structure of the outlet area also fully considers the water flow uniformity and the anti-odor anti-siphon measures.

It has been proved that the product can remove more than 90% of the floating oil from the particle size of 60um, and the content of animal and vegetable oil in the waste water is lower than that of the three-level standard (100mg/L) in the comprehensive sewage discharge standard (gb8978-1996).

Product features

The whole characteristic of grease trap: the whole closed structure, the odourless and odorless residue intercepting easy to clean.

Efficient multistage oil water separation technology - polymerization buoyancy oil discharge, maintenance-free design compact structure, simple design, technology and reliable technical support complementary heat polyunsaturated oils equipment integrated design of normal temperature solidification phenomenon, turbulence coefficient is small, more efficient separation.

Simple operation, low maintenance cost in oil recovery, energy conservation and emissions reduction automatic discharge of oil, fluid mechanics, structural design of solid-liquid separation and gravity separation area oil separation highly integrated set force in addition to the oil level in addition to the class of 50-60% oil secondary turbulence suppression structure size 30 mm above Water design temperature is above 5 degrees lower than 5 Celsius using complementary heat technology turbulence coefficient is small, good flow condition in addition to the 25-35% oil drain device polymerization (core technology) secondary polymerization in addition to the oil medium using oil, oil resistant, hydrophobic remove particle size to 10 microns sewage lifter sewage equipment No valve sewage equipment No valve sewage discharge pressure equipment Double glazed steel tank drain device oil-water separator sewage drainage equipment/sewage mandatory emissions equipment/efficient sewage discharge pressure equipment

Scope of application:

Oil separation device is widely used in large-scale comprehensive shopping malls, office buildings, schools, military, all kinds of hotel, hotel, hotel, senior and commercial restaurant belongs to kitchen drain oil clean-up, insulation is essential oil separation equipment of the kitchen, and the oil separation the ideal equipment of the drain. In addition, industrial coating wastewater and other oily wastewater are also used.

Structure form:

Drain structure principle: oil separation device is mainly composed of flow into the mouth, glove box, diaphragm, box board, plate, flow and drainage masks structure, export can be roughly divided into intercepting separation and purification drainage area two big functions. The intercepting separation area is mainly to remove the solid debris (vegetable residue, etc.) from oily wastewater, and use gravity separation method to gradually separate oil, sludge and water. The purified drainage area will be separated by the treatment of the middle water, and then the drainage mask will be filtered out, thus the high purification of oily wastewater will be achieved.

Product description:

Certification: ISO9001,CE, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc

Price: Negotiable

Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: Unionpay transfer

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

Parts of customers:


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1.What's your minimum order quantity, could you send me the sample?

Our minimum quantity is one set, because our products are mechanical equipment, which can hardly be sent to you, but we can send you a catalogue and warmly welcome you to visit our company.

2.What is the quality of your product?

So far, we have certificates like CNAB, CQGC, CQZX, etc.

3.What's the delivery time for your machine?

Generally speaking, the delivery time of our machines is about 30 days, and the customized machines will negotiate with our customers.

4.Can this machine be customized according to our needs?Like our logo?

Of course, our machine can be customized according to your needs, your logo can also be used.

5.How can you guarantee that the machine won't break down because it will take a long time to transport?

Our machines are wrapped in thin film, and in order to ensure that the machine can be delivered to our customers smoothly, we will use wire to hold the machine in the container.

6.Can you tell me which payments you can accept?

Up to now, the payment of 30% of the deposit before shipment, 30% of the deposit is paid by wire transfer, payment by l/c.

7.About after-sales service, how can you solve the problem of your overseas customers in a timely manner?

The warranty period of our machines is usually 12 months. During this period, we will immediately arrange international express delivery, or dispatch engineers to solve the problem on site to ensure the problem is solved as soon as possible.

Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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