Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment

Membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment MBR has tackled the problems of traditional treatment measures and people can make use of the effluent of MBR method. The reduction of COD and ammonia nitrogen is 50%. In total, MBR is the priority choice to replace traditional wastewater treatment...

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Membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment


MBR has tackled the problems of traditional treatment measures and people can make use of the effluent of MBR method. The reduction of COD and ammonia nitrogen is 50%. In total, MBR is the priority choice to replace traditional wastewater treatment approach.

Features of BOW MBR

Features of MBR

To compare with traditional approach

High quality and cheap, safe and stable.

It is more stable and reliable than traditional water treatment and low maintenance cost.

Small footprint

Less than half the traditional process.

Low waste and high utilization.

The operation of high or low volume load and old sludge age is suitable for nitrification process and denitrification process.

Private customization, can be expanded.

Add or reduce modules to easily extend existing factory upgrade capabilities.

Technical parameters

Membrane Model

Outline Size L×W(mm)

Membrane Area (m3)

Water Output(m3)

Effluent turbidity(NTU)

Effluent Suspended Matter(mg/l)



















Test condition:1. Operating pressure:-0.03MPA
2. Membrane flux:6-8L/(m2/h)
Note:The company has the right to modify the company at any time, if any modification is not announced.

Product overview:

water scarcity has become a problem for everyone in the world today.

The developed countries, on the basis of technological superiority, constantly reuse reclaimed water and sewage resources to alleviate the urgent need of water resources in economic and social development.

It has become an effective way to solve the water shortage.

MBR (membrane bioreactor) water treatment technology is an efficient biochemical water treatment technology combined with biotechnology and film technology.

As a kind of effective wastewater treatment technology, combined with membrane separation technology and the traditional sludge process, can make all the organisms in the bioreactor in bioreactor zhong tong intercepted the door membrane filtration technology in the bioreactor of retention time and sludge aging degree are fully separated, and maintain a relatively high content in the bioreactor.

Strong nitrification and high clearance rate;

Applicable to the living quarters, hotels, restaurants, resorts, schools, office buildings and other scattered users daily life sewage treatment and reuse, as well as in wine making, leather making, food and chemical industries for organic wastewater treatment.

The water treated with MBR is used for non-drinking purposes, such as irrigation, washing, sanitation and landscaping.

As a kind of simple operation, high automation level and the characteristics of modular design for the sewage treatment system, has the following advantages: compared with the traditional processing system, can save half of the ground space;

The system can maintain a high MLSS value (<15g/l) and long duration of sludge retention (<60 days);

Stable water treatment;

Reducing residual sludge and processing costs;

Low energy consumption, simple cleaning and low operating cost.


1Q: what are your terms of payment?

T /t, l/c, unionpay, and all others are welcome.

2.Q: how do you arrange the shipment?

A: by sea/by train/by air or by express.

3.What kind of equipment can you produce?

Alkaline water, pure water, purified water, ultrapure water, RO reverse osmosis, EDI points to zero discharge ion equipment, water treatment equipment, difficult wastewater treatment equipment, circulating cooling water treatment equipment, water treatment related question can be consulting us.

4.How about the quality of your products?

We have worked with many world-class companies for many years. For example, SIEMENS, schneider, LG, Vaillant, Luvata, VANDEWIELE, Johnson controls, JSP, and other products have been well received by our customers.

5.What kind of water quality test can you offer?

The water quality tests we provide include:

Water quality test.

Rapid tester, PH meter/SS and COD determination of acidity, conductivity and turbidity, residual chlorine determination of total chlorine and multi-parameter water 

We are willing to cooperate with like-minded people of insight will be bigger and stronger field of Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment, to create a new pattern of this industry. We implement the innovation-driven development strategy and strive to promote the strategic transformation of the company by scientific and technological progress. With reliable and stable quality and perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system, our product sales are increasing and our customers are all over the world.
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