Dow Drinking Water Treatment Consumable UF Membrane

Immersion ultrafiltration technology wastewater ultrafiltration systems: Flow Split, Flow Split SMF (patent no. : ZL 2007 2 0007883.4) based on Flow Split ultrafiltration membrane component developed an immersion ultrafiltration system. SMF is an improved process of MBR (membrane bioreactor), and the membrane component is used...

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Immersion ultra-filtration technology:


Flow Split, Flow Split SMF (patent no. : ZL 2007 2 0007883.4) based on Flow Split ultrafiltration membrane component developed an immersion ultrafiltration system. SMF is an improved process of MBR (membrane bioreactor), and the membrane component is used to replace a new type of technology with the separation of the two sinks in the traditional process.

Immersion ultra-filtration feature:

A) initial "cloud dispersion technology".

The pioneering cloud dispersing technology in China enables nano-tio2 to be distributed evenly and effectively in the membrane system, which can effectively exert the effect of nanometer and increase the flux and intensity of the membrane.

B) wide range and easy to clean.

SMF series of film materials are PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) materials, strong chemical resistance and wide application range.

The components can be cleaned online or offline in time for filtering.

C) low energy consumption and high efficiency.

It contains 10m2 hollow fiber membrane in about 0.02 m3 space.

Membrane components are immersed in water and can be kept high by low pressure of 0.05 MPa, so the energy consumption is very low.

D) high filtering precision and continuous filament.

The hollow fibers used have a uniform small hole of less than 0.05 mu m, which can remove microorganisms, colloids, algae and other substances that cause turbidity.

And because of TiO2 hybridization, the tensile strength of the membrane is much stronger than that of ordinary PVDF films.

E) high throughput and high anti-fouling ability.

Because of the addition of nanoparticles, the membrane components greatly improve the hydrophilicity of the membrane surface, significantly improving the membrane flux and extremely anti-pollution performance.

F) the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus is good.

The total separation of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT) makes the nitrifying bacteria survive in the reactor and ensure a good nitrification.

G) it covers a small area.

It is not necessary to set up the separation equipment of settling and filtration, so as to make the whole system flow simple and easy to integrate, and the system is greatly reduced.

H) easy to manage, high degree of automation, low operating cost.

No sterilization equipment is required, no charge is needed, no control of residual chlorine is required.

The whole machine can realize automatic intermittent operation.

Application field:

he application of ultrafiltration technology in water treatment field

Although ultrafiltration can have many applications, large-scale water treatment is usually concentrated in the following areas:

Drinking water supply terminal

Surface water treatment

Water treatment

Fluid reuse

Product description:

Certification: ISO9001,CE, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc

Price: Negotiable

Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: Unionpay transfer

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

Parts of customers:


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We are a manufacturer and we have established our company since 2007.

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I am very happy that hotel reservation service is available..

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Up to now, the payment of 30% of the deposit before shipment, 30% of the deposit is paid by wire transfer, payment by l/c.

Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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