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reverse osmosis water filtration system: In 1953, Reid et al. of the university of Florida in the United States first proposed reverse osmosis desalination. In 1960, Loeb and Sourirajan of the university of California, USA, developed the first practical reverse osmosis membrane. Since then, the development of...

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reverse osmosis water filtration system:


In 1953, Reid et al. of the university of Florida in the United States first proposed reverse osmosis desalination. In 1960, Loeb and Sourirajan of the university of California, USA, developed the first practical reverse osmosis membrane.

Since then, the development of reverse osmosis membrane has made a significant breakthrough.

The membrane material was developed from the initial single cellulose acetate non-symmetrical film to the crosslinked aromatic polyamide composite membrane made with surface polymerization technology.

Operating pressure is also extended to high pressure (seawater desalination) membrane, medium pressure (cellulose acetate) film, low pressure (compound) membrane and ultra-low pressure (composite) membrane.

Since the 1980s, a variety of materials have been developed.

Industrial application:

Complete set of equipment for oxidation of normal temperature and pressure

Catalytic oxidation - microelectrolysis is an ideal process for treating high concentration organic wastewater, and also called internal electrolysis.

In the absence of electricity, the micro-electrolyte materials filled with waste water generate 1.2 V potential difference and electrolyze the waste water to achieve the purpose of degradation of organic pollutants.

When the system is ventilable, the device will form an infinite number of micro cell systems, forming an electric field in its action space.

In the process of numerous hydroxyl, new ecological [H], Fe2 +, etc to many components of REDOX reaction, and wastewater effectively can break the hair colored wastewater of non-ferrous material base or base aid groups, chain scission, even achieve degradation decoloring effect;

Generated further oxidized to Fe3 +, Fe2 + them has strong adsorption of hydrate - flocculating activity, especially after alkaline adjust pH value to generate hydrogen ferrous oxide and iron hydroxide colloid flocculant, their adsorption capacity is much higher than general agent hydrolysis of iron hydroxide colloid, to a large number of dispersed particles adsorbed water, metal particles and organic macromolecules.

Its working principle is based on the combination of electrochemical, oxidation-reduction, physical adsorption and flocculation.

This method has the advantages of wide application scope, good treatment effect, low cost and convenient operation, no need to consume power resources.

The process can be used to reduce the COD and chromaticness, and the removal of ammonia nitrogen can be very effective.

The electrolysis process

Traditionally used by catalytic oxidation of micro electrolysis process of micro electrolysis material generally for scrap iron and wood charcoal, before use to add alkali activation, use easily in the process of passivation harden, and because of iron and carbon is physical contact, it is easy to form isolation layer between the micro electrolysis does not lose to continue, this led to the frequent replacement of micro electrolysis material, not only from volume high cost but also affect the wastewater treatment effect and efficiency. In addition, the surface area of traditional micro electrolytic materials is too small, which also makes waste water treatment take a long time, increasing the cost of the investment of tons of water, which seriously affects the utilization and promotion of micro-electrolysis technology.

Introduction to anti-washing process:

Reverse osmosis equipment for some products using the material strength is not enough and the erosion resistance is poor, cause transverse fracture failure of equipment, and the types of membrane different requirements on water quality is also different. Film has a pressure difference on both sides, the most widely used in water treatment equipment grille decontamination machine, because some products using the material strength is not enough and the erosion resistance is poor, reverse osmosis equipment caused by transverse fracture failure of equipment, not including for repair the damage caused by operation, seriously affected the environmental protection investment benefit, also can make the reverse osmosis membrane surface is easily scale, using reverse osmosis membrane shell can be effective protective membrane element.

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