Automatic Supercritical Hemp Oil Supercritical Extraction Equipment Machine with 50MPa System

Vertical filter press Vertical filter press, and said he walk type automatic pressure filter, filter cloth in the 1960 s in the former Soviet union, Germany, Finland, the United States and other countries followed after manufacturing this kind of filter, widely used in nickel concentrate, zinc...

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Vertical filter press

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Vertical filter press Vertical filter press Vertical filter press

Vertical filter press, and said he walk type automatic pressure filter, filter cloth in the 1960 s in the former Soviet union, Germany, Finland, the United States and other countries followed after manufacturing this kind of filter, widely used in nickel concentrate, zinc oxide, starch, alkaline leaching liquid, enzyme, zeolite filter, copper concentrate, and other products.

The characteristics of Vertical filter press

(1) short feeding time.

The unique filtration chamber of each filter ensures that all the filter rooms are in the same way as the entering material. The filter plate is uniformly loaded, and the slurry fills the filter chamber for a short time, and the filtration rate is much better than that of the quick-opening pressure filter of the center feed.

(2) full automatic operation.

This filter, filter cake washing, squeezing, drying, automatically discharging, automatic cleaning filter cloth, and other functions, and an organic whole, adopting PLC programmable controller and set on the filter press each control point of signal control device to assure the safety of pressure filter and reliable with closed cycle work automatically, automatic operation 100%, without human intervention, reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

(3) filter cake moisture is low.

High-pressure diaphragm extrusion + high pressure wind drying, greatly reducing filter cake moisture.

(4) high yield

The filter plate is placed horizontally, and each filter plate is used to feed quickly and quickly, and the output is high.

(5) filter cloth regeneration

Equipped with filter cloth automatic cleaning device, wash the cloth double-sided with clean water.

(6) the operation parameters can be adjusted at any time.

The electric control cabinet adopts the touch screen to display the real-time picture and data of each operation of the filter press, which can adjust the pressure filter process parameters according to the changing conditions of the site.

(7) the pressure of the filter plate is high and the slurry is not sprayed.

High pressure oil cylinder compaction, automatic pressure protection, can guarantee the pressure filter press under 1.6Mpa diaphragm press pressure to obtain reliable seal.

(8) environmental protection

Filtrate and high pressure wind are discharged in the form of underflow, reducing the pollution to the operating environment.

(9) durable

The whole machine adopts four-column frame structure, all-steel filter plate, and the equipment is durable.

(10) substantial human resources can be saved.

In the normal production process, there is no need for staff to watch or one person to watch over many vertical.

Basic institutions

Domestic and international basic structure and working process of vertical filter press, its basic structure is mainly composed of pressure plate, the press table, filter plate group, the piston rod and hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, the framework and control cabinet, etc.

The working principle of Vertical filter press

The control mode of the vertical pressure filter is six processes: filter: pump into the material suspension;

A diaphragm extrusion: extruded shaped filter cake;

Filter cake washing: clean water filtration;

Secondary diaphragm extrusion: repress the filter cake;

Filter cake blow dry: the high pressure wind blows dry, take away a small amount of moisture;

Filter cake and filter cloth washing: both sides of the filter cake, unloading, and washing cloth.

The short program control mode has four processes: filtration, diaphragm extrusion, filter cake drying, filter cake removal and filter cloth washing.

When the filter plate is closed, the slurry enters each filter chamber through the slurry pipe. The filtrate enters the filtrate chamber through the filter cloth, then enters the filtrate hose, and finally reaches the filtrate tube.

A diaphragm squeezes the high-pressure water through the high-pressure water hose into the diaphragm, and the diaphragm presses the filter cake onto the filter cloth to squeeze the filtrate out of the filter cake.

The filter cake washing liquid is pumped to the filter chamber by the same path as the slurry.

As the liquid fills the filter chamber, the diaphragm is lifted and the water is extruded from the top of the diaphragm. The washing liquid flows into the discharge tube after passing the filter cake and the filter cloth.

The washing liquid left in the filter after the washing phase is extruded by the secondary diaphragm.

(5) filter cake blow dry cake at the end of the drying is done by compressed air. By assigning tube into the air filled with the filter chamber, raise the diaphragm and diaphragm of high pressure water filter. The airflow through the filter cake to reduce moisture content to the best level, emptying the filtrate cavity at the same time.

6. Discharge of filter cake and filter cloth washing When drying process is completed, open the plate and frame components, filter cloth drive mechanism is up and running, on both sides of the filter cake on the filter cloth from filter. At the same time, wash washing device installed in the filter press both sides of the filter cloth, to ensure that the filtering effect is consistent, without adding any device.

Vertical automatic filter press is the use of high pressure extrusion with high pressure gas blow dry, the slurry filtrate pressure out of the reach of solid-liquid separation. It also had the washing, dehydration and drying of the three major functions.

Vertical pressure filter, horizontal belt type filter press and filter press have in common is that through the filter cloth to form pressure difference and let the fluid through the filter cloth dialysis, and solid was intercept block on the filter cloth, filter cloth is commonly known as "dehydration".

But different types of filter press, the way they filter the filter chamber is different, so the best way to distinguish them is to look at its filtration structure.

Vertical filter press and horizontal filter press, the distinction between these two forms of filter press filter structure is composed of a piece of a piece of filter cloth and orderly arrangement, but the direction of the arrangement, the vertical pressure filter horizontal, and vertical is level with overlapping.

And the filter cloth is not the same. The press cloth of the horizontal pressure filter is made of a square filter. That is to say, how many filters have the same number of press cloth.

The filter cloth of the vertical press is only one, which is a filter strip connected to the end of the head, and it travels back and forth between each filter plate in the vertical position.

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1.Q: How about the quality of your products?

A: we have cooperate with many world class companies for many years, for example, Siemens, Germany's power, Bosch, Johnson controls, little swan, van, three precision, WeiFu group, etc, our products got good response from customers.

2.Q: What kind of water tests can you offer?

A: our water quality tests include:

COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, conductivity, resistivity, such as water quality testing.

3Q: Are your products in stock?

A: no.

All of our products are customized according to customer's customization.

To be a result of ours specialty and service consciousness, our company has won a superb reputation between customers all around the environment for Automatic Supercritical Hemp Oil Supercritical Extraction Equipment Machine with 50MPa System. We have fully implemented the brand management concept throughout the whole process of production, operation and management, and achieved the perfect combination of brand awareness, reputation and loyalty. Through continuous efforts, we strive to become the industry leader and contribute our strength to the development of the industry and the rise of the nation.
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