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Strict contract audit, strict audit of all departments, ensure the feasibility of each order.

Pre-production process design and validation.

Strictly control all raw materials and auxiliary materials, all raw materials reach the world advanced level.

Site inspection of all processes, inspection records can be tracked for 3 years.

All the inspectors have a certificate of eligibility.

Qualified WPS and professional flux ensure welding quality.

100% inspection of completed installation before shipment.

Advanced and complete detection equipment: electrical conductivity meter, resistivity meter, PH detection, ORP detection, hardness tester...

Train the inspectors regularly

Inspection tools:coating thickness gauge, conductivity meter, resistivity meter, hardness tester, stainless steel tester, tape measure, vernier caliper, horizontal ruler, infrared detector, etc.

Inspection method

In the production process, strict quality control, from raw material to the work, achieve excellence, high quality steel and stainless steel profiles, detecting the paint thickness and smoothness, pipe installation, use the customer designated brand, or the world famous brands, galanz and southern water pump, American GE, Hyde can reverse osmosis membrane, pipe installation, ensure the horizontal even vertical, beautiful, not leak adhesive, but also ensure convenient disassembly repair principles, electrical wiring, we assure you of our order, explosion-proof waterproof not fumble, not empty.