Ozone Water Sterilizatrion

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Ozone sterilizer




Ozone sterilizer

Ozone sterilizer

Ozone sterilizer

Ozone generator is a device for making ozone.

Ozone is easy to be decomposed to the scene for making field use could not be saved (but in special cases can be short time of storage), those using ozone to place all needs to use the ozone generator.

Ozone generator is widely used in water, sewage, industrial oxidation and space sterilization.

Ozone is universally recognized as a broad-spectrum, highly effective disinfectant.

Use of air or oxygen to produce ozone using high - frequency high - voltage discharge.

Ozone has a more active oxygen atom ozone than oxygen molecule, the chemical property is particularly lively, is a kind of strong oxidant, at certain concentration can quickly kill the bacterium in the air, liquid.

No toxic residue, no secondary pollution, is known as "the cleanest oxidant and disinfectant".

The chemical equation of the reaction is 3O2=== 2O3.

The characteristics of Ozone sterilizer

1. Automatic control and arbitrary setting of processing time.

2. Imported high ozone quartz tube and double stainless steel discharge electrode;

3. Water-cooled and air-cooled dual-cooling technology;

4. Optimized gas source processing system configuration;

5. The core components of imported power supply, digital control power technology, have three functions of voltage stabilization, frequency conversion and boost pressure;

6. Can work continuously for 24 consecutive hours;

7. Optimal matching of special power supply and discharge tube;

8. Using the power soft switch technology, the efficiency reaches over 95%;

9. Ozone production is large and the concentration is high.

Ozone sterilizer species

There are three main types of ozone generator: high pressure discharge, ultraviolet radiation and electrolysis.

The commonly used gas source of ozone generator can be divided into the following:

1) dry air source -- the compressed air without oil is cooled, dried, filtered and treated as raw material gas;

2) rich oxygen source, oil-free compressed air after person processing into nitrogen and oxygen separation PSA air separation system, and will collect as feed gas oxygen (the feed gas contains inert gas and carbon dioxide and a small amount of nitrogen, pure oxygen is not so called rich oxygen source);

3) industrial oxygen sources -- usually used in bottled industrial oxygen (mostly for small ozone generators);

4) liquid oxygen -- the liquid oxygen is sent to the ozone generator as the raw material gas (often used in large ozone generator) after vaporization and decompression of the carburetor.

Filtration precision

Absolute filtration accuracy: in theory, the absolute filtration accuracy of the filter is 100%. In general, the absolute precision is actually "tending to absolute" accuracy.

Nominal filter precision: the value of the initial filtering precision of the filter element. The nominal accuracy is a probabilistic filter for the particle size. Filtering precision :1 mu m,5 mu m, etc.

Application fields.


1. Application in food processing industry: such as production water, production workshop, packaging room, dressing room, sterile room, production equipment, tools, etc.

2. Applied in beverage processing industry: such as pure water, mineral water, production water of various beverages, production workshop, packaging room, dressing room, sterile room, production equipment, tools, etc.

3. Applied in the processing industry of fruits and vegetables: if the production water, production workshop, dressing room, dressing room, sterile room, production equipment and tools, etc. of vegetable storage, preservation, processing and processing, production workshop, dressing room, dressing room, etc.

4. Application in refrigerated storage: if vegetables, grain, eggs, meat, aquatic products and other antisepsis preservation, prolong storage.

5. Applied in the pharmaceutical industry: such as production water, central air-conditioning system, workshop, dressing room, sterile room, etc.

6. Applied in the pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical factory, hospital ward, bed, linen, operating room, medical equipment, sterile room, etc.

7. Application in breeding breeding industry: such as raising chickens, raising fish, vegetable greenhouses, sterilizing, disinfecting, deodorizing, purifying the air, etc.

8. Apply in public places: such as hotels, restaurants, schools, Internet bar, waiting hall, etc. To clean air and prevent cross-infection.

9. Apply to drinking water;

: such as deep well water, municipal water supply, secondary pressure water supply, rural drinking water.

10. Application in water, sewage, waste water and waste gas.

11. Water purification and air purification in swimming pools and natatorium.