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Multi media filter Multi-media filter uses one or several of filter medium, under certain pressure of high turbidity water by a certain thickness of granular or the grain materials, effectively to remove suspended impurities make water clear process, commonly used with quartz sand, anthracite...

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Multi media filter


Multi-media filter uses one or several of filter medium, under certain pressure of high turbidity water by a certain thickness of granular or the grain materials, effectively to remove suspended impurities make water clear process, commonly used with quartz sand, anthracite coal, manganese ore, etc., mainly used for water treatment in addition to the turbidity, soften water, pure water level before the pretreatment, such as water turbidity can be up to 3 degrees.

Technical parameters:

to remove the particles, colloid and suspension of the large particle size by using the interception and filtration of the multi-media filter.

Application range: widely used in the pretreatment of reverse osmosis, softener, water reuse, and the removal of suspended objects and impurities in the water.

Product features: 

1. Multi-media filters are widely used in the process of water treatment, which can be used separately, but most are pre-filtered as water quality depth treatment (exchange resin, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis.

2. Multi-media filter is a pretreatment device commonly used for the purification of water quality. Different materials can be added according to the process requirements.

3. Multi-media filter material can be made of fiberglass, A3 steel, anti-corrosion, and stainless steel. Operating mode is fully automatic and manual two kinds of forms, automatic control is the advanced automatic controller and gas, pneumatic valve, operation simple and easy to maintenance, water treatment technology in all walks of life of the former treatment plant has been widely used.

4. Multi-media filters (including double filter material filter) of filtering material should have enough chemical stability, relative density and particle size of each medium should have certain difference, double layer composed of anthracite coal and quartz sand filter material filter used in anthracite relative density is 1.4-1.6, particle size of 0.8 -- 1.8 mm, quartz sand relative density is 2.6-2.65, particle size of 0.5-1.2 mm; In addition to the above two kinds of filtration materials, three layers filter can be used for heavy minerals such as manganese sand and magnetite, with a relative density of 4.7 to 5.0 and the particle size of 0.5-4mm.

Technical parameters:

Specifications and models

Size (mm)

Max. quantity(t/h)

Filtering velocity (m/h)

Filter layer height(mm)


quartz sand

















































Note: 1. The products of our company can be customized according to the customer's requirements, such as any questions or requests from customers, please contact us in time.

2. The company has the right to modify the company at any time, if any modification is not announced.

range of application:

Reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchanger, ultrafiltration system pretreatment

Primary water filtration treatment for power generation, chemical industry, paper making and beverage

The decolorization of water supply and organic matter

Live water pretreatment

Industrial water treatment

The swimming pool is treated with water

Circulating water filter system

Surface water and ground water turbidity removal.

Wastewater treatment

equipment installation and selection:

1 basic inspection:

After the installation personnel to the site, check the equipment foundation first.The upper surface of the foundation shall be strictly level, and the error of the points of the same basic position shall be controlled within the positive and negative 5mm, and the elevation error of the foundation shall be controlled within the positive and negative 10mm.

2. Pipe connection:

According to the drawing and the actual situation, the installation personnel will connect the water inlet pipe, the water pipe and the water inlet of the pool, which will be connected to the drain pipe, and the pipe will be connected to the drain pipe.

3. Equipment piping connection

After the device is positioned, the filter is connected to other devices.

4 installation of filter material

After the installation of piping installation, the size of the filter will be installed from large to small. Save the remaining filter after installation so that it can be replenished later.

(4) Use and operation instructions

1 Preparation and inspection before use

(1) Removal of debris: before the equipment is running, remove the clutter in the filter tank, and pay attention to the clogging of the water pipes.

Product description:

Country of origin: Jiangsu, China

Certification: ISO9001,CE, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc

Price: Negotiable

Material: Glass steel, carbon steel corrosion or sus304

Voltage: 220V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: Unionpay transfer

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

filter operation instructions:

1.Anti-washing: turn on, anti-washing, anti-washing, air outlet automatically opening; Close the import and export; The water quality of the water outlet is the same as the water ntake; Close the anti-washing and anti-washing imports; Open the positive inlet and export; Ready to run;

2. Operation: open the water outlet and import, turn off the anti-washing, anti-washing and import, and the air outlet automatically opens, that is, entering the normal operation state.

3. Matters needing attention

(1) During operation, water inlet is strictly prohibited;

(2) Fresh material, the water will have foam and impurities at the beginning of the water.

(3) In operation, the maximum import and export pressure must not be greater than

(4) Cleaning water turbidity should be < 20ftu, with better cleaning effect;

(5) Pay attention to the automatic exhaust valve at the top of the filter. If there is a leak, the inspection should be opened and cleaned.

(6) the equipment shall be suspended for a long period of time, and the filter shall be stored in clean, full water and in bed conditions, and shall be changed once a day to prevent the bacterial complexity;

(7) When one of the following situations occurs, the filter shall be cleaned before operation; 

A, to achieve the design operation cycle; 

B. Unqualified water quality;

(8) Valve maintenance

A. Check whether the valve normally USES b and valve. If abnormal, please repair or replace it in time.

(9) Change of filter material

A. The life of the filter is 2 years.

B. When changing the filter, do you need to check the drain cap for damage And replace it in time. When changing the filter material, it needs to be reprocessed internally.

Parts of customers:


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1.How can I get to your factory?

Our factory is near Shanghai airport. We can meet you at the airport.

2.Where is your factory?

Our factory address: no.5, rongqiang road, xishan district, jiangsu province, China

3.What's your minimum order quantity, could you send me the sample?

Our minimum quantity is one set, because our products are mechanical equipment, which can hardly be sent to you, but we can send you a catalogue and warmly welcome you to visit our company.

4.What's the delivery time for your machine?

Generally speaking, the delivery time of our machines is about 30 days, and the customized machines will negotiate with our customers.

Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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