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The Project Of Our Company India Common Sodium Is Under Construction Smoothly

Mar 08, 2019

Congratulations to our company on successfully opening the Indian market!After our company successively opened Taiwan, Fiji, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, the international market, after again open the India market, the Indian project for car form a complete set of pure water equipment, 


while the equipment is not very big, but let's surprise, since India's traffic inconvenience and the life not accustomed to, we also feel cooperation, india-pakistan conflict, recently I company engineer from Shanghai to Delhi, again by transferring to sodium at Delhi airport, lasted for 24 hours, to India's sodium, midway airport are armed soldiers, stop, to the scene of the Indian friend thumb up, rest assured bold dry!In the chaos of war in India, we have a strong motherland as a backing, rest assured to do it!