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The One Belt And One Road Water Purifier Provided By Our Company Has Been Sent To Afghanistan.

Apr 16, 2018

The Belt and Road, abbreviated B&R, is short for "silk Road economic Belt" and "21st century maritime silk Road".

It will fully rely on China and relevant countries existing multilateral mechanisms, with the help of the existing and effective platform for the regional cooperation, all the way around to borrow the history of the ancient silk road signs, exalted banner of peaceful development, actively develop along with the country's economic partnership, to create mutual political trust, economic integration, culture include the interests of the community, fate community and community responsibility.

reverse osmosis equipment  .jpg

China's road building project in Afghanistan is under construction. We have sent two water purification equipment, using the MMF+ACF+UF+RO technology to filter the local water quality and let the Chinese people drink healthy water.

Although the equipment is small, it can solve the drinking water problem of people who go to Afghanistan. Without electricity or clean drinking water, we can generate electricity by ourselves and filter the local water with Chinese water purifier.

I believe we are the best.