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The 19th China Tour Will Be Held On May 3.

Apr 08, 2018

As the big global environmental protection exhibition international exhibition in Munich, Germany, China exhibition, "expo China IE ring expo" 19 years, the deepening of China environmental protection industry, close to market demands and future development trend of the environmental protection industry to promote the environmental comprehensive harness, innovation technology, the coordinated development of whole industry chain as the core, become a large region, high quality and influential environmental exhibition, and become the world's leading enterprises can choose] show communication platform.

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Senior exhibition will gather global water, atmosphere, solid waste, soil and monitoring of environmental protection of the whole industry chain mainstream brands and leading enterprises, AD hoc comprehensive treatment, sanitation, membrane, agricultural waste, such as the zone, focusing on rural areas such as municipal, industrial and efficient solution, cutting-edge equipment and innovative technology.

Exhibition attracted 2017 from 32 countries and regions, more than 1637 exhibitors on stage, the exhibition area of 100000 square meters and "2017 China environmental technology conference" held in the same period and many large coffee houses, pomp, more than 300 professional discussion "open to talk about" road, more than 600 domestic environmental higher-ups have the voice of "green".

The 19th China international expo will be launched on May 3-5, 2018 in Shanghai new international expo center!

To better promote the development of environmental protection industry, help enterprise to seize the opportunity, the exhibition is expected to show area 120000 square meters, 1800 environmental quality leading enterprises, and the continuation of the "2017 China's environmental technology conference" high standard, high standard, high density of consistent quality, at the same time hold hundreds of high-end meeting BBS, is committed to become the focus of the stage and China environmental protection industry in the global business card.