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The 11th AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai International Water Exhibition.

May 22, 2018

AQUATECH brand officially entered the Chinese market, as has Europe, North America, South America, southeast Asia and other parts of the world international series of water industry event, finally the soil thrive in China as the world's most influential first big exhibition of professional water treatment, win a high reputation in the industry.

The AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai international water exhibition showcases the world's top products, technologies and solutions, and builds a powerful platform for knowledge exchange.

The exhibition is regarded by the global industry leaders as the first choice trade platform for the water industry, and becomes a synonym for the high quality and successful professional water exhibition.

reverse osmosis equipment .jpg

Today's AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai international water show has covered all aspects of water treatment including clean water and sewage.

And is leading the global water industry exhibition platform direction, gradually become a 21st century international an indicator of the water industry, in the next few years, AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai international my world series exhibition will continue to communicate with each other for the global water industry and access to information platform.

Whether in Europe, the United States, or China, you will find the most breakthrough technology and solutions in the exhibition platform.

AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai international my over the past 10 years, not only successfully laid a vane of industry status, along the way, is the baptism of after 2 times in pavilion, has now become the world's largest international exhibition of water treatment.

2018 Shanghai international my display size is expected to reach 22 square meters, more than 3400 exhibitors will participate, held FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai international exhibition of pump pipe valve, ECOTECH solid, CHINA Shanghai international exhibition, Shanghai international exhaust air fresh air show, BUILDEX CHINA Shanghai international building my, take advantage of each exhibition resources, fully show big global environmental protection industry chain structure with real!