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Process Flow Of Electro-coagulation Water Treatment

Oct 20, 2017

To be treated water into the homogenization pool, the main role of the homogenization pool is used to balance the water pump water and the difference in the flow rate of the electric flocculation reactor, in addition to the homogenization pool with water level sensor, mainly used to control the reactor pump and pump. Through the reactor pump, the water in the homogenizing pool is pumped into the reactor, and the steel plate is arranged in the reactor, and the ion reacts with the ionized ions to achieve the purpose. In addition, there is a pneumatic valve and a pneumatic double diaphragm pump in the cavity of the reactor, which is the function of removing the iron scale and removing the solid impurities deposited in the reactor. The water in the reactor is then pumped to the descaling tank, removing the foam floating on the water and allowing the impurities in the water to precipitate two times. Finally, in addition to the foam pool water flow to the sedimentation tank, again let solid particles precipitate, and through the sludge removal equipment will be solid particles such as impurities removed, water into the sand filter, through the sand filter to wash water, complete the process.