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On May 22, I Invited Beijing Yu Xueyu To Come To The Company Health Lecture.

May 26, 2019

In order to promote Chinese traditional culture and integrate the corporate culture of TCM health care, on May 22, Mr. Yu Xueyu from Beijing was invited to come to the company health lecture, Yu Xueyu (net name: grateful heart)

Since childhood, he has studied traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion. Since 2008, he has served as the administrator of “Seeking medical treatment is not as good as seeking self” (now renamed “Yam Yam Community”) and served as the moderator of “Health Q&A” and “Parent and Child Health”.

To spread Chinese medicine knowledge to Chinese medicine enthusiasts from all over the world and answer various health issues. In 2010, in the 12th generation of the Golden Gate, He Youzhong was a teacher, and the technology of Chinese medicine was greatly improved.

He also served as the administrator and moderator of the “Golden Needle Gate Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum”. Accumulated a large number of health care practice experience.



1. Pediatric spleen and stomach conditioning;

2, children with cough, asthma, rhinitis conditioning;

3, children's hand and foot mouth conditioning;

4, children anorexia conditioning;

5, children with constipation, diarrhea conditioning;

6, stye;

7, herpes zoster;

8, children with enuresis;

9, pediatric adenoid hypertrophy.

 This time, I am very honored to invite Mr. Yu to our company to give a blue health lecture to all employees. Mr. Yu will use the traditional Chinese medicine method to diagnose each employee on the spot.

And suggestions, publicize TCM green therapy to regulate the body, and guide each person's physique, later diet and habits. By then, TCM health has become the corporate culture of our company.

With the guidance of the teacher and the efforts of all the staff, create a new, healthy, harmonious and efficient blue sky!