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Introduction To Reverse Osmosis Technology

Oct 20, 2017

1, reverse osmosis is in greenhouse conditions, the use of a physical method without phase change salt water desalination, purification. At present, the desalination rate of ultra-thin composite membrane components can reach more than 99.5%, and can remove colloid, organic matter, bacteria and virus in water at the same time.

2, water treatment depends on water pressure as the driving force, its energy consumption in many treatment methods of the lowest.

3, not a large number of chemical reagents and acid, alkali regeneration treatment, no chemical waste liquid emissions, no environmental pollution.

4, Reverse osmosis device can continuously run water, simple system, easy to operate, product water quality and stability.

5, the reverse Osmosis device Automation degree is high, the operation maintenance and the equipment maintenance work is very few.

6, the equipment occupies the small area, the space that needs is also small.

7, adapt to a large range of raw water quality, not only adapt to brackish water, seawater and sewage treatment, and adapt to low salinity of fresh water treatment. Our company set many years of industrial water treatment system process design, equipment manufacturing, system sets and membrane technology experience, select reasonable process settings and design parameters to ensure long-term and stable operation of equipment.