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Introduction Of Ultrafiltration

Oct 20, 2017

Ultrafiltration principle:

Ultrafiltration is a kind of pressurized membrane separation technology, that is, under certain pressure, the small molecule solute and solvent through a certain aperture of the special film, and the macromolecular solute can not be through, left on the side of the membrane, so that the macromolecular material has been partially purified.

Advantages and disadvantages of ultrafiltration:

The advantages of ultrafiltration technology are easy to operate, low cost, no need to increase any chemical reagents, especially ultrafiltration technology, the experimental conditions are mild, and evaporation, freeze drying compared to no phase change, and does not cause temperature, ph change, thus can prevent biological macromolecules degeneration, inactivation and self dissolution. In the preparation of biological macromolecules, ultrafiltration is mainly used in the desalination, dehydration and concentration of biological macromolecules. The Ultrafiltration method also has certain limitation, it can't get the dry powder preparation directly. In the case of protein solution, the concentration of 10-50% is generally only obtained.