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Electro-coagulation Technology

Oct 20, 2017

The theory of Electrocoagulation technology was put forward in the early 20th century, and after nearly a century of practical exploration, the technology was applied to water treatment equipment. This technique is characterized by the use of electrical energy to separate the heavy metals, solid suspensions, emulsified organics and other harmful substances contained in water by electrochemical reactions. The working principle of electrocoagulation water treatment method is: By giving a lot of steel plate in the water treatment equipment and direct current, so that the electric field between the steel plate and the steel plate is produced, the water that will be treated can flow into the crevice of the steel plate. At the same time, the ionic and non-ionic pollutants in the electric field react with the electric field and the steel plate which is consumed in the water, so that the ions and nonionic contaminants in the electric field form solid precipitation particles, and the water treatment can be accomplished by precipitation separation.