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Analysis Of Water Treatment Technology And Water Treatment Equipment Selection

Oct 20, 2017

In view of the problems of drinking water containing fluoride, arsenic and other harmful microorganisms in some areas of China, the State attaches great importance to the 2006 8 at the general meeting of the State Council: To solve the problem of drinking water safety as a key task to catch, and strive to solve the drinking water containing fluoride, arsenic, and the water quality of salty and bitter crisis people's health problems; however, in terms of China's geographical environment and other factors, for the perennial drought less rain, water resources scarce, and the existing poor water quality areas, can only take its water purification treatment, so that the treatment of water in line with the state's standard of living drinking water standards for people to live drinking. Therefore, what kind of water treatment equipment, the use of advanced technology to make water treatment equipment effective operation, to provide people with pure, high-quality water resources is urgently needed to solve the key issues on people's livelihood.