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2018 China Xia Men International Water Exhibition And Sea Silk Road Water Safety Technology Conference

Jan 03, 2018

At that time, we will gather together to discuss future development trends, acquire the most cutting-edge, professional and accurate industry information in the world, and provide the most forward-looking decision-making basis for your enterprise development.

The exhibition scope

Drinking water and bottled water products

High-end drinking water products and equipment

Water purification equipment, accessories, membrane technology and equipment

Water treatment technology and equipment

Water supply and drainage technology and equipment

Safe drinking water and sewage treatment equipment

Urban water conservation, water recycling technology and equipment

Water information technology and automation equipment

Water-saving irrigation and soil and water conservation

Flood control and moisture-proof and sludge treatment equipment

Water ecological restoration techniques

Water conservancy and hydropower technology and equipment

Instrumentation, monitoring and quality control equipment

Water conservancy reform innovation, water conservancy project achievement display

Water culture, water landscape, hydraulic engineering design


Group (xiamen) co., LTD., will be the most authoritative industry association of the inside and outside, integration of industry resources, invite professional exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad, on March 22, 2018-24 in xiamen international conference and exhibition center to build drinking water products, water purification equipment and technology, water treatment equipment and technology, water conservancy projects, urban water supply and drainage and other comprehensive international exhibition, at the same time, we will be the top of the inside and outside water industry experts, representatives of enterprises and government representatives, industry media representatives, held high-level, high standard and internationalized peak BBS.

The exhibition advantage

1. Build and enhance the brand value of the enterprise

During the exhibition will gather in drinking water and water security field at home and abroad, numerous well-known brands and enterprises by participating in the peer and target customers show a good image and highlight their own strength, so as to improve industry position, brand awareness and reputation.

2. Build an international trade docking platform

During the exhibition will be over 50 from overseas high quality drinking water, bottled water, traders, distributors will be invited by the organizing committee with the participation of exhibitors to one on one, face to face business exchanges and cooperation, effectively into or expand the overseas market.

3. Cultivate the domestic market and increase market share

During the exhibition will be from domestic shopping malls, supermarkets, drinking water, bottled water, high-end aquatic products, water purification equipment agents, hotels, government equipment procurement department of hydraulic engineering, water conservancy, head of research institutions and more than thousands of enterprises, purchasing managers on the ground to visit, procurement.

At the same time, the organizing committee will invite purchasers according to the demand of exhibitors to find the most accurate target customers and the most suitable channel agents, thus effectively tapping the domestic market.

4. Media focus and brand promotion

During the exhibition, more than 60 domestic and international professional and mass media will be involved in the publicity and publicity, and their spotlight will be directly aligned to the participating enterprises.

Through the exhibition, your company and products will receive the attention of professional authoritative media, and your brand will get the publicity and promotion effect of half the effort.

5. World water day, high-end water related BBS

During the exhibition organizing committee will revolve around the world water day, invite domestic and foreign water security, water treatment, environmental experts, representatives of enterprises, etc., to carry out a series of related to drinking water safety, water resources protection, water treatment technology, government, business promotion and other large water conservancy project bidding activity and same BBS.