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Zero emission - siheyuan

Aug 19, 2019

At the end of August 2011, Beijing's first zero-emission quadrangle was built in daxing community committee in dongcheng districtCheng, as the representative of Beijing culture, "zero emission" of siheyuan is not only a beneficial practice for the protection and development of siheyuan, but also an example for the renovation and protection of Beijing siheyuan."Zero movement" of siheyuan should seek the best balance in inheriting traditional culture, enjoying healthy and comfortable modern lifestyle, low carbon and energy saving.The reason why "zero-emission" siheyuan is created is that siheyuan is the representative of Beijing culture.

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As a unique architectural form in old Beijing, the quadrangle courtyard has gone through hundreds of years of refinement in its layout design. It has performed well in adapting to the unique climate conditions in Beijing, but it may not meet the requirements of modern "livability".If the concept of "small investment, big environmental protection" is still adhered to on the basis of preservation and inheritance, and the energy consumption can be reduced and the comfortable lifestyle of modern people can be realized through the rational application of low-carbon technology, then the siheyuan in old Beijing can also be full of "new green".