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Why use a home reverse osmosis machine?

Jan 13, 2018

Domestic market pure water machine should be for five filtering, the first level for PP cotton filter, the second and third level for granular activated carbon, the fourth for a RO reverse osmosis membrane, the fifth as the rear activated carbon, it is mainly used for improving taste.

Home (commercial) water filter cartridge is the period of using, fiber filter can generally use 6 months, activated carbon filter is generally 12 months, their life totally depends on the size of the local water quality, water pressure and water;

Household reverse osmosis equipment .jpg

In the case of regular replacement of the filter element, the reverse osmosis membrane has a shelf life of 2 years. If the pretreatment is sufficient, its actual service life can reach 8 years, and the removal rate can reach over 99%.

Pure water machine manufacturing not only can be used for daily drinking pure water, tea, coffee, milk powder, cooling water, etc., directly drink better efficacy, use pure water making ice crystal clear transparent, clean and pure water can also be used for steamed rice, soup, congee, etc., to make the food taste pure, need raw fruits and vegetables, had better use pure water to clean the last time, eat more at ease, pure water will not stimulate the skin, if use it to wash a face, can have cosmetic effect.