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Why is ammonia nitrogen wastewater difficult to treat?

Mar 06, 2019

The treatment of ammonia-nitrogen wastewater has always been a difficult problem in the industry, and the high concentration of ammonia-nitrogen wastewater is a big problem, so why is it not easy to treat the ammonia-nitrogen wastewater? Although the high concentration of ammonia-nitrogen wastewater is an inhibitor of biological growth, it plays a very important role in biological growth and is an indispensable microorganism.

.Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment

Now the commonly used ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment methods are as follows:

High concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment method, sodium hydroxide is generally used to adjust the ph of water, through ammonia nitrogen blowing tower with air blowing, removal rate can reach 80% or so, this method USES more drugs, and at the same time produce other waste products.

Low concentration ammonia nitrogen can be treated by denitrification methods, such as A/O, A/AO, SBR and other activated sludge methods, and biological membrane method of biological rotary table in biological aerated filter.

Both of these methods require a lot of expertise.