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Why does the reverse osmosis film of purified water produce scale?

Sep 19, 2018

With the increase of the usage rate of purified water equipment, some users found that the purified water equipment occasionally had problems, such as the reverse osmosis film scaling and the connection leakage of purified water equipment.

Many users do not care about it at first, but over time the problem will become more and more serious and the maintenance will be more troublesome.

Today, the editor of the reverse osmosis membrane fouling purification equipment for you to do a simple explanation.

When the pure water purification equipment is running, the fresh water will be produced in the process of low-pressure flushing, while the concentration of water on both sides will naturally deepen, and at the same time, the concentration of salt will be deepened. The salt contains a large number of precipitable substances, and as time passes, scale will appear.

In addition, the inhomogeneity of the dosing is also an important cause of fouling in reverse osmosis membrane.

Secondly, the leakage of antiscale agent device is serious, which may affect the amount of antiscale agent in reverse osmosis.

Finally, sufficient attention is not paid to the process of operation. In many cases, during the process of stopping the machine, washing is not done in time, which also leads to scaling of reverse osmosis membrane.

The above are the reasons why reverse osmosis membrane of purified water will cause scale formation. Therefore, users should pay attention to these problems when using purified water equipment to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by reverse osmosis membrane scale formation for production.