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Why does the filter element of the equipment change frequently?

Oct 25, 2018

When one of the following situations occurs, it means that your filter element should be replaced

1. When the discharge port of the purifier becomes too small to meet the daily usage, it indicates that the filter core is in condition, blocked and should be cleaned. After that, it still does not return to normal flow.

2. When the taste of water is similar to that of tap water, chlorine will remain in the water, so it is obviously time to change the filter core.


The consumption of clean water capacity, activated carbon in the water purifier we all know that its adsorption capacity and the role of clean water is very strong, but it should also be noted that activated carbon itself is easy to breed bacteria, when adsorption saturation, it is easy to make the water purifier into a "sewage device".

3. If your water purifier has been used for two years and the filter core has not been replaced, it means that your filter core should be replaced.

The use of water purifier is not once and for all, the heart exchange "core" to ensure the safety of drinking water, health without any worries.