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Why do laundries use softening water equipment?

Oct 29, 2018

The laundry is cleaner and smoother, but the home laundry doesn't have that effect because the laundry is using softening water equipment.

Do clothes also have water quality requirements?

Soft water equipment editor for you to introduce.

Active carbon filter

Water from tap water

The natural water on the earth has atmospheric precipitation, surface water and groundwater types, which are widely distributed in nature, in the form of seawater, river and well water.

All natural water is not pure even if it is not polluted by people. Users live mostly with tap water, which is actually well water. Groundwater contains various soluble substances and impurities.

Such water is not suitable for washing clothes.

Water is the washing medium of washing, and a series of processes such as washing, prewashing, main washing, bleaching and water passing must be used.

Good water quality ensures washing quality.