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Which is better, the DTRO or STRO?

Jul 06, 2018

The DTRO is better.

The reason:

DTRO in waste leachate treatment has a considerable advantage, good water quality, little influenced by the external environment, commissioning period is short, high degree of automation, cover an area of an area small, operation maintenance cost is low.


Garbage leachate is derived from landfill waste itself contains water, into the landfill site of water and other water, rain and snow to deduct the garbage, soil saturated water capacity, and through the litter layer and soil and formed a kind of high concentration wastewater.

Water quality of landfill leachate is very complex, generally contain high concentrations of organic matter, heavy metal salt, SS and ammonia nitrogen, not only pollute the soil and surface water, landfill leachate will cause pollution to groundwater.