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Where does the home reverse osmosis machine apply?

Jan 15, 2018

Suitable for domestic and office use, mainly for drinking.

Features: fresh and straight drink, good taste.

When the direct drinking machine is in the working state of water system: the outlet of clean water is opened and the outlet is closed.

In the condition of system of water, raw water (without the purification of water) from the water inlet, first through the ultrafiltration membrane filter filter, with high precision purely physical way, effectively remove the water and sediment, rust, colloid, bacteria, algae, macromolecular harmful material such as the machine things, again, in turn, a multifunctional Nano crystals, natural calcium ion ball, KDF, the ultrafiltration membrane after purification of water magnetization, mineralization, activation, weak alkaline, and remove heavy metal ions, and then in turn after high quality coconut shell activated carbon, special the chloride activated carbon filter, effectively remove organic matter (such as trichloromethane), at the same time improve the taste, the formation of fresh water.

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Contrast ultra filter

The reverse osmosis pure water machine and the ultrafiltration membrane water purifier can provide clean water for us.

Reverse osmosis pure water machine and ultrafiltration membrane water purifier also have characteristics, for different water quality situation, can have different choice.

For example, the water quality of the source water is very good: there are very few ions in the water (TDS is less than 50mg/L), and there are no harmful substances such as heavy metal ions in the water body, which will be your choice at this time.

Because ultrafiltration membrane purifier has the following advantages over reverse osmosis pure water machine: low energy consumption and high utilization rate of water.

If the water quality of source water is not very good or there are uncertainties, from the perspective of safe drinking water, reverse osmosis pure water machine will be your best choice.

Because reverse osmosis pure water machine can always provide you with high quality pure water.