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When is the reverse osmosis equipment cleaned?

Aug 20, 2018

How is it cleaned?

The reverse osmosis membrane of reverse osmosis equipment may not meet the standard due to the pollution of inorganic salt scale, metal oxide film machine scale, colloidal scale and suspended solid scale.

To restore good performance of reverse osmosis equipment, the reverse osmosis equipment film must be cleaned.

When do I need cleaning?

How is it cleaned?

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1. When should the reverse osmosis membrane be cleaned

1. The yield of water is 10-15% lower than the normal value.

2. Reduce the desalination rate by less than 90%.

3. The membrane tube pressure difference is too large >10%.

Ii. Steps of reverse osmosis membrane cleaning

1. Wet the film before cleaning.

2. Record DOTA before test after loading.

3. Chemical cleaning (using rcb-alkali) - record.

4. Chemical cleaning (using RCA- acid) - record.

Soak the preservation solution.