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What should I pay attention to when using EDI water purification equipment?

Nov 04, 2018

Pure water equipment technology is the raw water through high-pressure pump water into the output pure water pretreatment with RO membrane technology, EDI equipment is used in conjunction with pure water equipment, the first use of the note on the pure water equipment, pure water equipment, RO reverse osmosis equipment, the main composition is pretreatment with RO membrane, now pure water equipment is mainly used for industrial, food, medical, chemical, drinking and so on, now the penetration rate is already high.

EDI equipment

Matters need to pay attention to in the use of pure water equipment, the first is understanding of equipment operators enough, 50% of the equipment damage due to improper manual operation, the proportion is very high, after the installation of equipment, the company will install special equipment operation training for personnel, if students don't listen to or don't seriously, may be direct damage to equipment, pure water equipment in use process, must be regularly test raw water quality, water quality, ensure that no other impurities into the raw water equipment.

The equipment should be cleaned and replaced regularly. Many customers will ignore this in their production. Sometimes, it will directly cause damage to the membrane element, which will cost more.

The attention of EDI equipment is to ensure that the purified water equipment can work normally and the water quality can be up to standard. If the water quality is not up to standard, it will affect the service life of EDI equipment.