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What should I do when the effluent of purified water becomes bad?

Nov 03, 2018

The water yield and water quality of the purified water equipment will decline after half a year to a year of operation. In fact, this user can solve the problem by himself through analysis. Many customers do not understand it, and sometimes they will be fooled by the business to tell them that the equipment is damaged or the membrane component is broken, so they can buy new membrane components again!

Merchants benefit from it.

Analysis of reasons for the decline of water quality in the process of using purified water equipment:

reverse osmosis equipment

1. Pretreatment

Some customers have bad quality of raw water, impurities or sediment. There is no bagged filter in front. After a period of time of use, impurities enter pretreatment and become blocked, which will result in reduced water yield and poor water quality.

2, the filter element

The filter core belongs to the water consumption of the equipment, which needs to be replaced every week to 2 weeks. The filter core has a service life. Even if the equipment is not used for a period of time, the filter core should be replaced.

3. Reverse osmosis membrane

RO reverse osmosis membrane is an important component in purified water equipment, which is also very expensive. The service life of half RO reverse osmosis membrane is 2-3 years. If water is not stopped for many years, the service time will be shorter.

4. Operating error

In terms of operation procedure, the water purification equipment can clean water according to certain requirements.

It is aimed at some macromolecular substances or ions contained in water, and the requirements may vary according to different industries.

This is also a key factor influencing the effect.