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What pure water treatment?

Dec 22, 2017

Pure water is refers to the pure water city tap water as water source, as well as filtering through many layers, harmful material such as microorganisms can be removed, but also together to remove fluoride, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals the human body needs.

With the agile development of modern science and technology and modern industry, and the relative lag of environmental management, the water pollution situation is serious now.

Because of industrial waste water, unrestrained waste water and agricultural pollution, today's surface water is not only rich in mud and plants and animals.

There are a lot of white water, pesticides, heavy metals, limestone, iron and so on harm to the health of the human body substances, these pollutants in the human body for a long time to accumulate great damage to human body health, and can be carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenicity variable, this is Undisputed killer

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And traditional water yield skills not only unable to remove the organic compounds in the meantime, if the tap water add chlorine products, it will generate new more intense organic pollution, such as chloroform caused respectively more strongly than natural water, running water and tap water need to the long after the delivery of road system, especially the high-rise residential roof water tank, there is a more serious "secondary pollution".

This style of water, of course, can't be consumed, and even if boiled, it can only sterilize the bacteria and not remove the harmful chemicals.

Drinking pure water, in turn, can not only remove health benefits, but also contribute to a long and healthy life.

Because the water is more pure, as the function of the carrier, the stronger the ability to dissolve the various metabolites in the body, Be conducive to the quenching of thirst, Therefore, in order to protect health, improve people's health, develop pure water and produce excellent drinking water