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What principle is inclined tube precipitation?

Mar 12, 2018

Inclined tube sedimentation tank can handle low turbidity raw water quality, but also can purify high turbidity and low temperature and low turbidity raw water, precipitation also has high efficiency, low consumption amount of alum, province, covers an area of less investment, convenient management, and many other advantages.

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Working principle of inclined tube sedimentation tank:

Inclined plate settler device enables the water suspended impurities in the inclined board or inclined tube sedimentation, water flow along the inclined board or inclined tube, isolated from the sludge under the action of gravity along the inclined plate (pipe) to fall to the bottom, then concentrate discharge.

This pool can improve the precipitation efficiency by 50 ~ 60%, and can improve processing capacity 3 ~ 5 times in the same area.

According to the test data of the original waste water, the inclined tube settler with different flow rate can be designed.


Inclined tube sedimentation water purification method is above the sludge suspension layer under the Angle of 60 degrees of inclined tube forming, make the suspended matter in raw water, solid or after dosing coagulant flocs formed by alum flowers, builds up in the bottom of the inclined tube side surface area the thin mud, rely on gravity slide back into the sludge suspension layer, and then sink into the bucket.

The discharge pipe is discharged into the sludge pond for further treatment or comprehensive utilization.