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What method does high pollution river purify have?

Mar 08, 2018

With the rapid development of the social economy, a lot of sewage and industrial waste water are discharged into rivers, causing serious pollution of urban rivers.

Constructed wetland as a kind of eco-friendly sewage treatment technology, in recent years has been used in pollution of rivers, Shao Wensheng etc in zibo xiao fu river floodplain local materials to build four groups of different substrate of artificial wetland system, to deal with water containing organic pollutants and achieved good results.

However, the composite constructed wetland can realize the advantages of single wetland and improve its partial defects, so as to achieve more efficient removal of pollutants.

Therefore, the compound artificial wetland has also begun to receive attention in the treatment of polluted water body.

Environmentally friendly river purifiers.jpg

The use of composite artificial wetlands has improved the quality of Taiwan's highly polluted river.

Matrix as an important part of artificial wetland, can not only provide plant and microbial growth medium, can also directly by precipitation, filtration and adsorption removal of pollutants (12).

Therefore, the selection of matrix is particularly important in the construction of wetlands.

The author by constructing two groups with different matrix table flow + undercurrent compound artificial wetland, the compound of high pollution in the river wetland purification effect, examines the compound artificial wetland wetland at all levels (including primary table flow wetland, secondary gravel undercurrent wetland and secondary slag undercurrent wetland) for pollutants removal performance and the matrix effects on its secondary wetlands.

The adsorption properties of nutrients were analyzed by combining slag and gravel matrix, and the removal principle of the substrate was analyzed, and the application of complex artificial wetlands in the treatment of high pollution river water was provided.