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What is UV (UV) ultra-pure water treatment?

Aug 18, 2018

The main process of cell reproduction is: the long chain of DNA is opened, and each long chain of adenine unit is opened to find thymine unit binding. Each long chain can replicate the same chain as the other long chain just separated, restoring the original complete DNA before division, and becoming the new cellular basis.

Ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 240-280nm can break the ability of DNA to produce proteins and replicate, among which 265nm has the strongest killing power against bacterial viruses.

The DNA and RNA of bacterial viruses have lost their ability to produce and reproduce proteins.

Because the life cycle of bacteria and viruses is very short, the bacteria and viruses that cannot reproduce will die quickly.

Ultraviolet ray is to prevent the microbial life of tap water to achieve sterilization, disinfection treatment effect.

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Currently, the only artificial mercury (alloy) light source that can output enough uv intensity (UVC) intensity for engineering disinfection is the artificial mercury (alloy) light source.

The ultraviolet sterilization lamp tube is made of quartz glass, the mercury lamp is divided into three kinds: low pressure low strength mercury lamp, medium pressure high strength mercury lamp and low pressure high strength mercury lamp.

The bactericidal effect is determined by the radiation dose received by the microorganism. At the same time, it is also subject to the output energy of ultraviolet ray.

Ultraviolet irradiation dose refers to reach a certain rate of bacteria inactivated, need the quantity of a particular wavelength uv: dose (J/m2) = (s) by UVC irradiation time (W/m2) dose intensity, the greater the disinfection efficiency is higher, due to the equipment size requirements, general irradiation time are only a few seconds, as a result, tubes of UVC output intensity is measured ultraviolet disinfection equipment performance of the main parameters.