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What is ultrafiltration?

Oct 24, 2018

Making mineral water with pure water plant equipment is a kind of extensive treatment technology.

Ultrafiltration technology can be used as pretreatment of reverse osmosis equipment, as well as separation and purification of materials in chemical and food industries.

Ultrafiltration technology is a membrane separation process based on the separation principle of screening and driven by pressure. The filtration accuracy is within the range of 0.005-0.01um, which can effectively remove particles, colloids, bacteria and macromolecular organics in water.

It can be widely used in separation, concentration, purification and purified water production.

Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane   .jpg

Studies that show very clear pure water equipment, pure water production equipment uf system can effectively control the water of the sea water quality, provides the high quality for the reverse osmosis system of water, a long-term experiment shows that the ultrafiltration system of effluent SDI value can be a very good racing under 2, these tests before ultrafiltration systems don't have to be as any preprocessing, and application of seawater quality.