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What is ultra-pure water equipment?

Nov 30, 2018

The equipment system mainly adopts automatic reverse osmosis + electrodeion (EDI) + polishing mixed bed ultra-pure water treatment technology, pretreatment plus reverse osmosis treatment to effectively remove various salts and impurities in the water, and then USES CEDI and polishing mixed bed system to further improve the water quality and make the effluent meet the water process requirements.

EDI equipment

The equipment system of ultra-pure water is fully self-operated, which has the advantages of stable water quality, simple operation, low operation cost, green environmental protection and convenient maintenance, and is widely used in industrial water treatment and other related industries.

(photovoltaic application industry: new energy industry, microelectronics, solar energy, new materials), electronic (integrated circuits, kinescope, circuit boards, computer components, capacitors, etc.), medicine, electricity, nuclear power, photovoltaic and thermal power, etc.), optical, semiconductor, single/polysilicon, surface treatment, chemical industry, electroplating and other related industries.