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What is ultra-pure water?

Mar 05, 2018

Ultra-pure water treatment: it can remove the conductive media in the water almost completely, and remove the colloid material, gas and organic matter which are not dissociated in water to a very low degree of water.

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Resistivity is more than 18 M Ω * cm, or close to 18.3 M Ω * cm limit (25 ℃).

Ultrapure water treatment, is difficult to achieve the degree of general process, adopt pretreatment, reverse osmosis, ultra purification treatment and after treatment the four steps, multi-stage filtration, high performance ion exchange unit, ultrafiltration filter, uv lamp, the TOC removal equipment and various processing method, resistivity Fang Keda M Ω * 18.25 cm (25 ℃).

Ultrapure water is the technology to develop ultrapure materials (the original semiconductor materials, nano precision ceramic materials, etc.) used distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis technology or other appropriate supercritical fine production out of the water, the water in addition to water molecules (H2O), almost no impurities, no bacteria, viruses, chlorine dioxins and other organic matter, nor of mineral trace elements for human, of course.