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What is the treatment characteristic of boiler water?

Jul 01, 2018

Handling characteristics

Boiler water treatment does not require complicated equipment, so investment is small, low cost, easy to operate.

Boiler and drug treatment is the most basic water treatment method, and it is the continuation and supplement of chemical water treatment.

After the water treatment of the pot may have residual hardness, in order to prevent the boiler from scaling and corrosion, still add certain water treatment agents.

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Boiler water treatment can not completely prevent the boiler from fouling, especially in the formation of dirt, in the discharge is not timely and easy to produce secondary scale.

Boiler dosing process has no pollution to the environment, it is not like ion exchange water treatment, such as to get rid of natural water how many impurities, also how many impurities discharge after regeneration, but also from a large number of the rest of the regenerant and product after regeneration.

And the boiler plus medicine treatment method is to turn the main impurities in the water into insoluble mud, which will not cause pollution to nature.

The formula used in the boiler plus medicine should be matched with the water supply water quality. When the water supply hardness is too high, a large amount of water slag will be formed to accelerate the scaling rate of heat transfer surface.

It is generally not suitable for high hardness water quality.