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What is the process of purifying water equipment?

Dec 03, 2018

(1) pretreatment + two-stage reverse osmosis

(2) pretreatment + single stage reverse osmosis + electrodeion (EDI)

(3) pretreatment + two-stage reverse osmosis + electrodeion (EDI)

EDI equipment

The sterilization method can be The sterilization method can be selected for the water purification equipment of kori: activated carbon pasteurization, CIP cleaning system, ozone sterilization in distribution system, pasteurization in distribution system, and pure steam sterilization in distribution system.Performance of purified water equipment:(1) design and manufacturing standards: the system is designed according to the latest requirements of Chinese, American and European pharmacopoeia standards, following the CGMP and GAMP specifications and meeting the requirements of GMP and FDA certification.(2) 3D simulation manufacturing and installation. The customer is fully involved in the whole process and details are shown in advance to guarantee customer demand.