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What is the process of purified water?

Dec 07, 2018

Treated water

Treated water can be sewage, tap water, river water, groundwater and other water sources.

We usually adopt tap water and groundwater as treated water for reverse osmosis treatment. The water quality is relatively emotional, with low degree of pollution and high treatment efficiency.

2. Preprocessing system

The pretreatment system makes simple water filtration for the treated water.

Is the maximum extent of treated water close to reverse osmosis technology for water quality requirements.

In treated water, if pretreatment is not carried out, the reverse osmosis treatment will easily damage and block the reverse osmosis membrane due to some magazines or high pressure corrosion.

reverse osmosis equipment

3. High-pressure water pump

The whole reverse osmosis water treatment process requires some pressure.

The high pressure pump provides pressure to the entire water treatment system to ensure the speed and water supply requirements of who passes through the membrane hole.

The high pressure pump must adopt the special stainless steel pump, which is resistant to corrosion, because the acidic and alkaline substances contained in the water treatment solution will corrode. If the anti-corrosion ability is weak and corroded, the water will be so polluted.

5. Intelligent control system

The new reverse osmosis equipment will be equipped with a dedicated PLC intelligent control system.

Check the data change of instrument panel such as temperature gauge and pressure gauge by intelligent system.

Controlled by computer, with an analog screen.

Be able to control the normal operation of the whole reverse osmosis equipment.

Besides, manually set the reference water according to the need of water treatment, and give an alarm prompt according to the operating condition of the equipment.

6. Seal the water storage tank

After the reverse osmosis equipment has finished the water treatment, the treated water should be collected through the professional water tank.

The water tank should be clean and anti-corrosion to avoid water pollution.