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What is the process of purified water?

Dec 05, 2018

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Process system

Preprocessing system

As the basis of pure water production is very important.

So to produce pure water must be to choose raw water quality better place.

Mountain spring, deep well, etc.

A very important index involved here is the electrical conductivity.

Generally speaking, the lower the conductivity.

reverse osmosis equipment

The cleaner the water.

All water treatment processes are reverse osmosis systems.

Treated water is typically 90% to 99% desalinated.

Let me introduce the components of the system.

1. Raw water pump

Raw water pump is the function of providing raw water pressure for raw water pretreatment system.

If the raw water is under pressure, the equipment is completely eliminated.

It is generally required that raw water pressure >= 0.3mpa

2. Original water tank

The original water tank is more simple, is used to store raw water.

This is in case the raw water is not available for a transfer (usually adding float switches is more automatic for the whole system).

3. Quartz sand filter material is used to remove suspended material, sediment and impurities of large particles in raw water and reduce the turbidity of water.

Moreover, it can also make the organic substance, bacteria, virus and so on in the water be largely removed with the reduction of turbidity, and create good conditions for disinfection after filtration.

4. Use the adsorption capacity of activated carbon to effectively adsorb organics, free residual chlorine, colloid, particle, microorganism, some metal ions and decolorization in raw water.