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What is the process characteristic of domestic sewage treatment?

Jun 30, 2018

Domestic sewage treatment equipment is mainly used for the purification of domestic sewage in hotels, restaurants, schools, offices and factories, so that the treated sewage can meet the national emission standards.

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Technical features:

1. The combination of water acidification and biological contact oxidation can effectively improve the treatment effect and meet the emission standards.

2. With little sludge, the sludge produced at each stage can be recycled, and the sludge will be extracted regularly.

3. The equipment can be combined organically, under the surface or in the basement, and can also be buried.

When buried in the ground, it can be used as parking lot or green lawn at the top of the equipment to coordinate with the surrounding environment.

4. High degree of automation of equipment, reducing operation workload.

5. Low noise, no odor, no effect on the surrounding environment.