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What is the price of the activated carbon filter?

Mar 21, 2018

The action of activated carbon filter is mainly to remove macromolecular organic matter, iron oxide and residual chlorine.

This is because the organic matter, residual chlorine, iron oxide easily poisoned ion exchange resin, and residual chlorine, cationic surface active agent and so on will not only make the resin poisoning, will also destroy the membrane structure, disable reverse osmosis membrane, more influence to the system.

Activated carbon filters are commonly used after multimedia filters.

 Active carbon filter.jpg

The adsorption principle of activated carbon is to form a balanced surface concentration on its particle surface, and then adsorb organic matter impurities into activated carbon particles, and the initial adsorption effect is very high.

However, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon decreases with different degrees, and the adsorption effect decreases.

If the water in the aquarium is cloudy, the organic content in the water is high, and activated carbon will soon lose its filtering function.

Therefore, activated carbon should be cleaned or replaced regularly.


The size of activated carbon particles also affected the adsorption capacity.

Generally speaking, the smaller the activated carbon particles, the larger the filtration area.

Therefore, the powdered activated carbon has the largest total area and the adsorption effect is the best, but the powdered activated carbon is easy to flow into the tank with water, which is difficult to control and rarely used.

The granular activated carbon is not easy to flow due to the formation of particles, and the impurities such as organic matter in the water are not easily blocked in the filter layer of activated carbon, and its adsorption capacity is strong, and it is convenient to carry and replace.

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