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What is the microporous membrane filter?

Apr 09, 2018

Microporous filter membrane mainly include: mixed cellulose ester microporous membrane filter, nylon filter membrane, ptfe membrane, poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membrane, polyether sulfone membrane filter, polypropylene membrane filter (PP) filter membrane, filter types mainly include: filter membrane filter;

Titanium rod filter core, sintered filter core, PP filter core and fold-type filter core filter;

Security filter, stainless steel double filter, bag filter, plate frame filter, precision filter;

Pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, food, drinking water filter.


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The membrane filtration material synthesized by the mixed cellulose ester is widely used by the relevant units and the quality meets the standard.

The product has a smooth surface, light texture, high porosity and uniform micropore structure, so it has the characteristics of fast velocity and easy to adsorption.

Nylon N6/N66 membrane is a kind of microporous membrane with high strength, high precision and good hydrophilic, which is produced by the production of nylon N6/N66 solution through mutual transformation of advanced production technology.