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What is the main principle of air float platform?

Mar 31, 2018

The air float platform has two types: air float (XYZ) rail platform and air float (rotating).

The core principle of the air float platform is the precision displacement platform composed of air bearings and electric control elements.

The air bearings are divided into three categories: plane air bearing (air cushion), air float guide and air float.

In the range of 800*800, the displacement accuracy error can reach the ultra-high precision within the level of mu.


The platform of linear guide (line rail) is far more than THK and other ball machine structures in precision and precision stability.

OLTE air float is a kind of equipment that removes solid suspended solids, grease and various colloids in various industrial and municipal wastewater.

The equipment is widely used in oil refining, chemical, brewing, vegetable oil production and refining, slaughtering, electroplating, dyeing and other industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater treatment.

In this paper, the air flotation machine is mainly used for the rapid dispersion of the gas in the liquid, which has achieved the effect of gas float.

The high speed rotating aeration impeller is rotated at a speed of 2900 per minute.

However, the gas from the impeller enters the liquid and cannot be quickly diffused. The second blade cuts it into two bubbles, and then spins and cuts repeatedly and at high speed, eventually reaching the tiny bubble and producing the air float effect.

For example, the product of dalian three-phase mechanical equipment development co., LTD can reach the diameter of 20 to 50 microns.

OLTE solution gas float.

OLTE dissolved air flotation machine mainly through the dissolved gas and super saturated solution, the final release in the air floating pool air flotation effect was dispersed air flotation machine air flotation machine mainly by the distributor will bubble smash hit air flotation effect

Super-efficient shallow gas floating machine super-efficient shallow gas floating device is an advanced air floating system, successfully using the theory of "shallow pool" and "zero speed" principle to carry on the design, coagulation, gas floating, skimming, precipitation, scraping mud at an organic whole, is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving of water purification equipment